Table 2.

Observed and predicted prevalence of BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutation carriage in African American, Hispanic, and NHW breast cancer patients, by age at diagnosis and family history of breast cancer

No. of patients*
Carrier prevalence (%)*
Category A
Category B
African American
    All patients2031619523.
    Age (y)
    Family history§
    All patients2442518196.
    Age (y)
    Family history§
    All patients486315625.04.80.885.50.81
    Age (y)
    Family history§
  • NOTE: Observed and predicted prevalences according to BRCAPRO and BOADICEA carrier prediction models.

  • * Weighted to account for the two-stage sampling, as described in the text.

  • Under the null hypothesis that observed and predicted mutations are equal.

  • Obtained by adding 0.5 to the 0 count for category B.

  • § Having first-degree relative with breast or ovarian cancer.