Table 2.

Relative hazards for prostate cancer mortality by tertiles of total and ionized serum calcium in NHANES III

Tertile of serum calcium
P trend
Tertile 1Tertile 2Tertile 3
Total serum calcium (mmol/L)
    Median (range; mmol/L)2.22 (1.06-2.27)2.31 (2.28-2.35)2.41 (2.36-3.06)
    No. deaths988
    Person-months at risk218,964216,797243,725
    Age-adjusted relative hazards1.00 (reference)1.39 (0.59-3.30)2.07 (1.06-4.04)0.258
        +BMI1.00 (reference)1.36 (0.57-3.26)2.02 (1.02-4.01)0.287
Ionized serum calcium (mmol/L)
    Median (range; mmol/L)1.19 (0.99-1.21)1.24 (1.22-1.25)1.28 (1.26-1.60)
    No. deaths6811
    Person-months at risk199,120252,180228,186
    Age-adjusted relative hazards1.00 (reference)1.82 (0.64-5.12)3.18 (1.09-9.28)0.152
        +BMI1.00 (reference)1.81 (0.63-5.20)3.12 (1.04-9.43)0.160
  • NOTE: In addition to adjustment for age (1-y intervals) and BMI (as a continuous measure), all models are adjusted for variables used in NHANES III sample weighting: an interaction between senior status (age, >60 y) and race or ethnicity, household size, and general health status (excellent, very good, good, fair, or poor). Models account for clustering of observations in complex sampling design of NHANES III. Ionized serum calcium is pH corrected.