Table 3.

HRs of total cancer and cancer of the lung and prostate among people with overt and subclinical hyperthyroid function, compared with the euthyroid reference group (0.50-1.4 mU/L)

Overt hyperthyroid function*
Subclinical hyperthyroid function
Cancers (n)Persons (n)HR (95% CI)Cancers (n)Persons (n)HR (95% CI)
With follow-up starting at baseline
    Total cancer12751.96 (1.11-3.47)645991.27 (0.98-1.63)
    Lung cancer2754.65 (1.14-19.04)95992.11 (1.06-4.20)
    Prostate cancer184.08 (0.57-29.36)91631.87 (0.95-3.68)
With follow-up starting 2 years after baseline
    Total cancer11702.35 (1.29-4.26)565781.42 (1.08-1.86)
    Lung cancer2706.80 (1.65-28.09)85782.55 (1.22-5.35)
    Prostate cancer165.47 (0.76-39.55)91542.46 (1.24-4.87)
  • * Overt hyperthyroid function: thyrotropin <0.20 mU/L combined with free thyroxine and/or total triiodothyronine above the reference range.

  • Subclinical hyperthyroid function: thyrotropin 0.20 to 0.49 mU/L, or thyrotropin <0.20 mU/L with neither free thyroxine nor total triiodithyronine above the reference range.

  • Adjusted for age, sex, and smoking status.