Table 4.

Adjusted associations for TGF-α expression (staining optical density) in the normal-appearing rectal mucosa of incident sporadic colorectal adenoma cases and controls, MAP II

Case* (n = 29)Control* (n = 31)Prop diff (%)PdiffOdds ratio§ (95% CI)Model covariates
1.10 (0.14)0.80 (0.14) (0.91-5.64)NSAID use
1.22 (0.14)0.74 (0.14) (1.11-7.24)Total energy intake
1.41 (0.17)0.88 (0.15) (1.17-7.70)Family history of CRC
1.39 (0.16)0.84 (0.15) (1.18-11.98)NSAID use, energy, family history of CRC
  • NOTE: Adjusted for risk factors or potential confounders (Table 1, Table 3). Batch standardized as individual value divided by batch mean; full crypt values.

  • * Mean staining densities and SEs.

  • Difference between means (cases - controls) divided by mean in controls × 100%.

  • Difference P value for comparison of means (analysis of covariance).

  • § Association between TGF-α expression (as a continuous variable) and adenoma (relative odds of being a case).

  • All estimates adjusted for age and sex and other covariates as specified; total energy intake modeled as a continuous variable.