Table 1.

Baseline characteristics of randomized participants in the YES study (N = 68)

Exercisers mean (SD) or %Usual care mean (SD) or %
Age (y)56.4 (9.5)55.6 (7.7)
    Non-Hispanic white83%90%
    Asian or Pacific Islander0%3%
Education (%)
    High school graduate1719
    Some school after high school2531
    College graduate +5850
Time since diagnosis (y)3.6 (2.2)3.3 (2.6)
Disease stage (%)
    In situ1113
    Stage I5625
    Stage II2544
    Stage IIIA819
Treatment (%)
    Radiation only4222
    Chemotherapy only1922
    Radiation and chemotherapy3341
Hormone therapy (%)
    Aromatase inhibitors2847
Weight (kg)81.0 (16.8)79.3 (21.3)
BMI (kg/m2)30.4 (6.0)30.1 (7.4)
Percent body fat (DEXA)41.3 (6.4)39.4 (5.9)
Physical activity Questionnaire (min per wk recreational exercise)13.0 (24.0)12.0 (20.0)
Daily activity log (min/wk recreational exercise)30.0 (41.1)11.3 (24.8)
Pedometer steps per day5,083 (2,312)5,624 (2,744)
  • NOTE: No statistically significant differences between exercise and usual care groups at baseline were observed.