Table 5.

Average smoking topography parameters values of 2,432 subjects compared with the ISO/FTC parameters (modified from the reviewed by the WG 9 of the ISO TC 126) ref. 154

ISO/FTCHPPs grouped by tar yield (mg)
Puff characteristics*Puff volume (mL)3548.1 (10.7)47.8 (6.3)54.7 (9.7)57.2 (8.9)
Puff duration (s)21.9 (0.4)1.8 (0.3)2 (0.3)1.9 (0.1)
Puff interval (s)6026.1 (8.8)27.3 (8.7)22.6 (7.1)18.9 (0.7)

NOTE: The HPP puff volumes are higher and puffs are drawn at less than half the interval of the ISO/FTC parameters. Also, the HPP puff volumes increase and the puff intervals decrease corresponding to the decrease in tar yields.

  • *Mean (SD) values for HPPs.