Table 3.

History of manufactured Kentucky reference cigarettes

NameYear producedTar mg/cigaretteNicotine mg/cigaretteDescription
1R1196930.11.98Original reference cigarette
2R1197432.92.19Followed the 1R1
2R1F197423.41.74Filtered version of the 2R1
1R3197420.31.23Equivalent of the standard experimental blend used by the National Cancer Institute
1R3F1974151.16Filtered version of the 1R3
1R5F19891.670.16First ultralow yield cigarette
1A11969N/AN/ALow nicotine yields
2A1197431.80.42Followed the 1A1
3A1197426.80.24Followed the 2A1
1A2196929.51.75High intermediate nicotine delivery, compared with 1A1
1A3196925.81.14High low intermediate nicotine delivery, compared with 1A1
1A4196929.82.2High nicotine delivery, compared with 1A1
1R4F19839.20.8Lower yield nicotine research cigarette
2R4F20019.20.8Follows the 1R4F
3R4F20089.40.72Follows the 2R4F


Abbreviation: N/A, not available.