Table 2.

Smoking machine collection method terminology

Total particulate matter or wet total particulate matterTPM or WTPMSmoke collected on a Cambridge Filter pad that includes water and nicotine. TPM will generally not include volatile compounds that are in cigarette smoke. In the literature, TPM is sometimes called CSC.
Tar or nicotine-free dry particulate matterTar or NFDPMSmoke collected on a Cambridge Filter pad that is the weight difference for TPM minus the nicotine and water (determined analytically, often by gas chromatography). In the literature, tar is sometimes called CSC.
Cigarette smoke condensateCSCSmoke fractions that are collected as a condensate, typically in a cold trap, but sometimes in impaction traps and by electrostatic precipitation. This method will collect some semivolatiles, but CSC will not contain volatile compounds. CSC is sometimes used interchangeably with TPM or tar.
Gas/vapor phaseGVPSmoke emissions collected that passes through a Cambridge filter pad or cold trap.
Whole smokeWSSmoke is not collected but used to directly expose cells, e.g., the smoke is bubbled through media in a flask.