Table 3.

Multivariable relative risk and 95% confidence interval for the association between physical activity prior to diagnosis and death by cause among women diagnosed with invasive breast cancer from 1995-2004 in the California Teachers Study

Physical activity groupDeath due to breast cancer (n = 221)Death due to any cause other than breast cancer (n = 239)Death due to any cause (n = 460)
RR (95% CI)RR (95% CI)RR (95% CI)
Long-term physical activity
        Intermediate0.65 (0.45-0.93)0.98 (0.69-1.38)0.83 (0.65-1.07)
        High0.53 (0.35-0.80)0.91 (0.62-1.34)0.73 (0.55-0.96)
        P trend0.0030.630.03
Recent physical activity
        Intermediate1.17 (0.84-1.65)0.76 (0.56-1.03)0.89 (0.71-1.11)
        High1.08 (0.73-1.58)0.61 (0.42-0.88)0.78 (0.60-1.02)
        P trend0.690.0070.06

NOTE: All models are stratified by age in years and adjusted for race, BMI, total caloric intake, number of comorbid conditions, and estrogen receptor status.

  • *Long-term strenuous and moderate activity summary variable classifies women with no activity >0.5 h/wk/y activity into the low group, those with at least one of moderate or strenuous activity >3 h/wk/y into the high group, and all others, that is, those with some activity that is >0.5 h/wk/y and ≤3 h/wk/y but not >3 h/wk/y into the intermediate group.

  • P trend is the log-relative risk across categories (1, 2, and 3) of the strenuous-moderate summary variable.