Table 1.

Baseline characteristics of participants according to serum total cholesterol and HDL cholesterol, ATBC Study cohort, 1985 to 2003 (N = 29,093)

CharacteristicsTotal cholesterol (mg/dL)HDL cholesterol (mg/dL)
Quintile 1 (<203.9)Quintile 3 (227.7-249.2)Quintile 5 (>276.7)Quintile 1 (<36.2)Quintile 3 (41.7-47.2)Quintile 5 (>55.3)
Serum lipids, mg/dL
    Total cholesterol (baseline)182.9238.3306.9238.1242.5240.6
    Total cholesterol (at 3-y follow-up)190.5232.1278.0229.8234.7235.2
    Total cholesterol change in first 3 y7.3−6.2−28.7−8.3−8.5−7.6
    HDL cholesterol (baseline)45.846.346.431.944.365.4
    HDL cholesterol (at 3-y follow-up)44.844.944.633.443.859.2
    HDL cholesterol change in first 3 y−0.5−1.3−1.8+1.5−0.6−5.8
Age, y57.557.
Smoking history
    Cigarettes/d20.620.220. 420.520.220.8
    Years of smoking36.135.835.936.135.935.9
Education, %
    Elementary school or less77.179.280.677.679.880.4
    Up to junior high school14.813.412.515.013.012.2
    High school or more8.
Blood pressure, mm Hg
BMI, kg/m226.126.326.528.026.424.4
Leisure-time physical activity, %
Height, cm173.8173.6173.2174.1173.6172.8
Alcohol consumption, g/d17.017.016.311.815.923.7
Energy intake, kcal/d2,8102,8222,8042,7762,8312,813
Dietary saturate fat intake, g/1,000 kcal/d17.818.419.017.918.618.6

NOTE: Data are means or proportions.