Table 4.

Association between low serum cholesterol concentration (<200 versus ≥200 mg/dL) and prostate cancer by treatment arm of the trial, PCPT

Treatment armNo prostate cancerProstate cancer
TotalGleason 2-6Gleason 7-10Gleason 8-10
    n (low/high cholesterol)1,753/2,738370/503237/331133/17238/55
    ORmultivariable-adjusted* 95% CI1.13 (0.97-1.31)1.11 (0.92-1.32)1.16 (0.92-1.47)1.03 (0.68-1.57)
    n (low/high cholesterol)1,693/2,642477/774389/60488/17013/46
    ORmultivariable-adjusted* 95% CI0.97 (0.85-1.11)1.03 (0.89-1.18)0.78 (0.60-1.02)0.41 (0.22-0.77)
  • *Adjusted for age, race, family history, BMI, diabetes, regular aspirin use, and history of heart attack.

  • The expected number of Gleason 8-10 cases in the low cholesterol group is 30 based on the age- and race- adjusted proportion in the high cholesterol group.