Table 2.

Entry characteristics of men subsequently diagnosed with prostate cancer and men found to be free of prostate cancer, placebo arm of the PCPT

Subsequent prostate cancer diagnosisP
Mean age (y)62.663.6<0.0001
Non-White (%)
Mean BMI (kg/m2)27.427.20.11
Mean weight (pounds)192.0190.90.27
Mean height (inches)69.867.00.07
Mean waist circumference (cm)100.2100.00.65
Education (%)
    <High school1.11.40.29
    High school16.815.00.12
    >High school82.183.50.26
Cigarette smoking (%)
Physical activity (%)
Family history of prostate cancer (%)15.721.2<0.0001
Mean PSA (ng/mL)1.21.5<0.0001
History of diabetes (%)
History of heart attack (%)
Regular aspirin use (%)
Vasectomy (%)
Alcohol intake (g/d)
Red meat intake (servings/d)0.610.600.31
Energy-adjusted cholesterol intake (mg/d)2812810.91
Calcium intake, diet and supplements (mg/d)9229390.23

NOTE: All characteristics (except for age) are age adjusted and were calculated as least squares means from linear regression models.