Table 2.

Base-case results for a cohort of 30-year-olds with familial adenomatous polyposis

OutcomePD at cancerPD at stage IIIPD at stage IV
Cost (U.S. $)12,50017,90013,100
ICER (U.S. $/QALY)ReferenceDominated3,200
Life years (undiscounted years)42.8143.7243.72
Cancers diagnosed (% of cohort)
    Endoscopies (per person)16.57.611.6
    Surgery (% of cohort)
Deaths (% of cohort)

NOTE: Dominated means less effective and more costly than another strategy. U.S. $ refers to discounted 2007 U.S. dollars.

Abbreviations: ICER, incremental cost-effectiveness ratio; PD, pancreaticoduocenectomy; QALY, discounted quality-adjusted life years.