Table 2.

Odds ratios and 95% confidence intervals of prostate cancer according to baseline serum creatinine

OR (95% CI) by quartile of serum creatinineP trendContinuous OR*
Serum creatinine (mg/dL)≤1.02>1.02 and ≤1.10>1.10 and ≤1.19>1.19
No. cases/controls44/11753/12955/9872/108
Age-adjusted1.001.09 (0.68-1.76)1.54 (0.94-2.50)1.82 (1.12-2.95)0.0061.14 (1.03-1.26)
Multivariable model I1.001.23 (0.75-2.02)1.80 (1.09-2.98)2.23 (1.33-3.75)0.00081.19 (1.07-1.33)
Multivariable model II§1.001.24 (0.75-2.08)1.93 (1.15-3.25)2.34 (1.36-4.03)0.00071.20 (1.07-1.35)

NOTE: Conditioned on age, clinic, intervention group, and date of baseline blood draw.

  • *One half the interquartile range.

  • Adjusted for age at randomization.

  • Adjusted for age at randomization, serum homocysteine, and family history of prostate cancer.

  • §Adjusted for age at randomization, body mass index, height, serum α-tocopherol, serum homocysteine, serum retinol, serum folate, urban residence, hypertension at baseline, history of hypertension, history of BPH, history of diabetes, and family history of prostate cancer.