Table 4.

VDR expression and patient mortality in colorectal cancer

Total nColorectal cancer–specific mortalityOverall mortality
Deaths/person-yearsUnivariate HR (95% CI)Stage-matched HR* (95% CI)Multivariate HR (95% CI)Deaths/person-yearsUnivariate HR (95% CI)Stage-matched HR* (95% CI)Multivariate HR (95% CI)
VDR (−)374 (62%)101/22841 (reference)1 (reference)1 (reference)164/22841 (reference)1 (reference)1 (reference)
VDR (+)225 (38%)57/15400.91 (0.66-1.26)0.88 (0.63-1.23)0.88 (0.61-1.26)96/15400.88 (0.68-1.13)0.85 (0.65-1.10)0.87 (0.66-1.14)
  • *The stage-matched (stratified) Cox model included stage categories (I, IIA, IIB, IIIA, IIIB, IIIC, IV, unknown) as a stratifying variable without any other covariate in the model.

  • The multivariate, stage-matched (stratified) Cox model included age at diagnosis, year of diagnosis, sex, BMI, family history of colorectal cancer, tumor location, tumor grade, mucinous component, KRAS, PIK3CA, BRAF, β-catenin, COX-2, p53, p21, LINE-1 methylation, MSI, and the CIMP.