Table 4.

Red meat intake as a continuous variable and risk of breast cancer according to hormone receptor status

100 g/d increment of red meat,* multivariate-adjusted RR (95% CI)P
All breast cancer (n = 455)1.20 (1.00-1.43)0.053
ER- and PR-positive breast cancer (n = 268)1.36 (1.08-1.70)0.008
ER- and PR-negative breast cancer (n = 72)0.99 (0.61-1.61)0.97
  • * Multivariate models were adjusted for age, total energy intake, family history of breast cancer, history of benign breast disease, menopausal status, age at menarche, parity, age at first birth, weight gain since age 18 y, BMI at age 18 y, current oral contraceptive, and adult alcohol use.