Table 2.

Differences between Asian American and Non-Hispanic White Women

VariablesNon-Hispanic Whites (n = 2,146)Asian Americans (n = 259)P*
Pap screening, %
    >2 y or never20290.001
    ≤2 y8071
Age (y), %
Education, %
Marital status, %
Language of interview, %
Birthplace, %
    U.S. born9323<0.0001
    Foreign born777
Health insurance, %
Having a regular provider, %
Health status, %
    Excellent/very good5947.50.001
Communication with providers, %
Provider gender type, %
Patient-provider ethnic concordance, %
Eastern cultural views
  • * P values were based on χ2 tests for categorical variables or the Fisher's exact tests if the frequency of a cell is <5 such as language of interview. The mean score on the Eastern cultural scale was based on the t tests.

  • “Unknown” indicates those who lacked sources of usual care and those who did not respond to the question.

  • Scale scores ranged from 2 to 8, where the lowest scores indicated the most “Eastern” views of care (i.e., greater beliefs in the role of self-care and luck) and the highest scores indicated a more “Western” view.