Table 1.

Age-standardized distribution of potential risk factors for breast cancer according to high school red meat intake as reported in 1998 among 39,268 women ages 33 to 53 y

VariableRed meat intake in high school
Q1 (n = 8,423)Q2 (n = 7,963)Q3 (n = 8,111)Q4 (n = 7,794)Q5 (n = 6,977)
    Mean red meat (servings per day)0.681.121.451.832.62
    Total calories per day21782505273429863441
    Mean BMI at age 18 y (kg/m2)20.921.021.121.321.6
Adulthood (1997)
    Mean BMI (kg/m2)24.825.225.726.226.9
    Mean height (m)1.641.651.651.651.65
    Mean alcohol (g/d)
    Mean age at first birth in parous women2727272626
    Mean weight gain (kg from age 18 y to 1997)1111121315
    Mean red meat (servings per day)0.510.660.750.851.00
% Current smokers78899
% Current oral contraceptive users99999
% History of biopsy confirmed benign breast disease1818191819
% Family history of breast cancer in mother or sister1112121211
% Parity ≥3 children2729292927
% Age at menarche <12 y2324242526