Table 1.

Effect of physical activity on final body weight and the carcinogenic response in the mammary gland

TreatmentCarcinogenic response
Final body weight (g)
IncidenceAverage no. per ratAverage mass per rat (g)
Sedentary control98.13.72 ± 0.321.16 ± 0.21200.4 ± 1.6
Physically active84.6*2.67 ± 0.28*0.62 ± 0.14185.2 ± 1.4*
  • NOTE: Percent or mean ± SE (n = 52). Differences between groups in the incidence and average number of cancers per rat were evaluated, respectively, by χ2 analysis or ANOVA after square-root transformation. Differences between groups in the body weight and average cancer mass per rat were analyzed by ANOVA.

  • * P < 0.01, compared with sedentary control.