Table 4.

Univariate analysis of predictors of quitting smoking (quit ratio) in lifetime smokers (n = 9,216)

VariablePercentage quit smokingPOR (95% CI) for quit smokingP
    Caucasian52<0.0011.0 (Reference)
    African American350.49 (0.42-0.56)<0.001
    Latino490.87 (0.67-1.12)0.27
    Asian American541.06 (0.72-1.54)0.78
    Female52<0.051.0 (Reference)
    Male490.91 (0.84-0.99)<0.05
Marital status
    Not married36<0.0011.0 (Reference)
    Married572.37 (2.16-2.60)<0.001
Employment status
    Full-time49<0.0011.0 (Reference)
    Part-time/homemaker/student591.46 (1.31-1.61)<0.001
    Out of work/disabled/retired310.47 (0.38-0.58)<0.001
Ever used other tobacco products
    No510.831.0 (Reference)
    Yes500.99 (0.91-1.08)0.83
Time to first cigarette when smoking the most
    >30 min after waking61<0.0011.0 (Reference)
    ≤30 min after waking390.42 (0.38-0.45)<0.001
Cigarettes per day when smoking the most*NA0.70 (0.67-0.73)<0.001
AgeNA1.02 (1.01-1.02)<0.001
Age of smoking initiationNA0.99 (0.98-1.00)0.08
Time of transition to regular smokingNA1.02 (1.00-1.03)0.02
EducationNA1.56 (1.48-1.63)<0.001
  • NOTE: Percentages and OR are unadjusted.

  • * Cigarettes per day treated as an ordinal variable.

  • Education treated as an ordinal variable.