Table 3.

Logistic regression analysis predictors of use of NRT in lifetime smokers ages 25 to 44 years (n = 9,216)

Model*OR (95% CI)P
Use of NRT
    Caucasian1.0 (Reference)
    African American0.76 (0.63-0.91)<0.01
    Latino0.76 (0.54-1.06)0.11
    Asian American0.98 (0.60-1.60)0.95
    Female1.0 (Reference)
    Male0.73 (0.65-0.82)<0.001
Ever used other tobacco products
    No1.0 (Reference)
    Yes1.19 (1.07-1.35)<0.01
Time to first cigarette when smoking the most
    >30 min after waking1.0 (Reference)
    ≤30 min after waking2.13 (1.91-2.38)<0.001
Cigarettes per day when smoking the most1.76 (1.66-1.86)<0.001
Age1.00 (0.99-1.01)0.34
Education1.07 (1.01-1.13)0.02
  • * Logistic regression models controlled for site. All possible interactions for the variables selected for the multivariate model were tested but were not statistically significant at the 0.05 level. A forced-entry simultaneous model of the significant covariates with race/ethnicity showed similar results.

  • Cigarettes per day treated as an ordinal variable.

  • Education treated as an ordinal variable.