Table 2.

ORs for postmenopausal breast cancer by Gc genotypes in the vitamin D binding protein gene according to ER and PR status of the tumor

Gc genotypeGc1-1Gc2-1Gc2-2Gc2-1/2-2
ER+ tumors
    n (Ca/Co)540/1,352387/1,06062/196
    OR (95% CI)10.92 (0.78-1.08)0.72 (0.52-0.98)0.88 (0.76-1.03)
ER tumors
    n (Ca/Co)168/1,352120/1,06019/196
    OR (95% CI)10.91 (0.71-1.18)0.75 (0.45-1.26)0.89 (0.69-1.13)
PR+ tumors
    n (Ca/Co)477/1,352324/1,06044/196
    OR (95% CI)10.86 (0.73-1.02)0.57 (0.40-0.81)0.81 (0.69-0.96)
PR tumors
    n (Ca/Co)229/1,352184/1,06037/196
    OR (95% CI)11.03 (0.83-1.27)1.07 (0.73-1.59)1.03 (0.84-1.27)
  • NOTE: Conditional logistic regression stratified by year of birth adjusted for age at menopause, first-degree family history of breast cancer, history of benign breast disease, number of pregnancies (≥28th wk), age at menarche, breast-feeding history, total number of mammograms, use of hormone therapy, body mass index, education level, and smoking status.

    Data on ER and PR status were available for 1,296 and 1,295 cases, respectively. Pinteraction = 0.56 and 0.006 for ER and PR status in a case-only model, respectively.

    Abbreviations: Ca, cases; Co, control.