Table 2.

Adjusted odds ratios for the use of antihistamines and anti-inflammatory agents among glioma cases and controls, Harris County Adult Glioma Study, 2001-2006

Controls (n = 600)Cases (n = 325)Odds ratio (95% CI)
Antihistamine use
    Yes92421.37 (0.87, 2.14)
Anti-inflammatory use
    Yes188720.67 (0.47, 0.96)
History of asthma or allergy
    Yes202440.34 (0.23, 0.51)
History of chickenpox
    Yes5152360.52 (0.36, 0.75)
History of oral herpes
    Yes76100.28 (0.14, 0.57)
History of mononucleosis
    Yes65130.40 (0.21, 0.76)
History of migraine headaches
    Yes5040.19 (0.07, 0.54)
Previous head injury
    Yes1841151.41 (1.03, 1.93)
  • NOTE: The odds ratios were derived from unconditional logistic regression models, adjusting for age, gender, and race, and controlling for all other covariates.