Table 5.

Prostate cancer risk associated with 8q24 SNP haplotypes, by race

Haplotype% Cases% ControlsOR* (95% CI)
    GCAGC23.428.31.00 (Reference)
    GCAAC20.119.51.26 (0.86-1.84)
    ACAGC13.815.71.08 (0.69-1.68)
    ACAAC6.78.00.98 (0.71-1.35)
    GTAGC5.34.81.25 (0.61-2.57)
    ATAGC4.24.41.14 (0.62-2.1)
    GTAAC5.23.61.80 (0.80-4.05)
    ATAAC2.93.11.11 (0.48-2.54)
    GCAAT5.02.82.21 (1.26-3.87)
African Americans
    AAC10.022.61.00 (Reference)
    CCT40.921.04.37 (1.81-10.53)
    AAT16.414.72.33 (0.77-7.06)
    CAT10.213.92.03 (0.70-5.90)
    CCC11.712.12.49 (0.84-7.35)
    CAC7.08.41.98 (0.53-7.41)
  • NOTE: Only those subjects with complete genotype data for all SNPs are included (1,224 cases and 1,202 controls).

  • * ORs are adjusted for age at diagnosis (cases) or reference (controls) date.

  • Within Caucasian and African American haplotypes, SNPs are listed as in Table 4 in chromosomal order from centromere to telomere.

  • Frequencies are presented for haplotypes containing all variant alleles (ATCAT) and all high-risk alleles (GTCAT) associated with risk of prostate cancer in Caucasians; all high-risk alleles (CCT) associated with prostate cancer in African Americans.

  • § Indicates other haplotypes with estimated frequencies <5%, where n = 18 in Caucasians and n = 2 in African Americans.