Table 4.

Two-year cumulative absolute risk of histologically confirmed ≥CIN3 as diagnosed by QC Pathology for carcinogenic HPV detection by LA versus hc2 referred into ALTS because of an ASCUS Pap

nQC Pathology
N (≥CIN3)% ≥CIN3
    Carcinogenic HPV
    HPV risk group
    Carcinogenic HPV
Semiquantitative viral load
        1-9.99 RLU/CO410317.6
        10-99.99 RLU/CO4778317.4
        100-999.99 RLU/CO62111318.2
        ≥1,000 RLU/CO2413715.4
  • NOTE: LA results were also stratified on HPV risk group, and hc2 results were stratified on log units of signal strength (RLU/CO), a semiquantitative measure of viral load. Carcinogenic, positive for any carcinogenic HPV genotype other than HPV 16 or 18; Noncarcinogenic, positive for any of noncarcinogenic HPV genotypes.