Table 3.

Clinical performance of carcinogenic HPV detection by LA and hc2 for 2-year cumulative ≥CIN3 as diagnosed by QC Pathology (n = 3,289) and ≥CIN2 as diagnosed by clinical center pathologists (n = 2,189, restricted to women in the IC and HPV arms) referred into ALTS for an ASCUS Pap

Estimate (%)95% CIEstimate (%)95% CI
QC Pathology ≥CIN3 (n = 285)
CC Pathology ≥CIN2 (n = 354)
  • NOTE: Differences in sensitivity, specificity, and referral were tested for statistical significance using an exact McNemar's χ2 test. Statistical differences in PPV and NPV were determined by a method developed by Leisenring et al. (36), a score statistic derived from a marginal regression model and bears some relation to McNemar's statistic.