Table 4.

Comparison of studies investigating statin use and ER phenotype

AuthorsStudy populationBreast cancer casesER-negative casesER-negative cases with >1 y statin useRisk95% CIP < 0.05Statin type
Eliassen et al.Nurses' Health Study3,439218<21*RR 0.960.60-1.50NoMixed
Boudreau et al.Group Health of Western Washington State2,44037320HR, 1.33-1.810.64-4.36NoMixed
Kumar et al.KPNC2,14138634OR, 0.630.47-0.97YesLipophilic only
  • * Statin ever use among ER-negative cases was reported as 21; presumably, the number of cases of statin use >1 y is less.

  • HRs were given for 1 to 2, 2 to 5 and >5 y; therefore, the range of combined HRs and 95% CIs are represented.