Table 1.

Baseline Characteristics of the 458 Patients

Median or %IQRMissing
Age at diagnosis (y)59.651.0-66.5
Height (cm)165161-1701
Weight (kg)68.060.5-76.01
Body mass index (kg/m2)24.522.4-27.62
Waist-to-hip ratio0.830.78-0.884
Total breast volume (cm3)1,000688-1,5759
Age at menarche (y)1312-144
Premenopausal (%)232
Age at menopause (y)5047-52123
Age at first full-term pregnancy* (y)2522-2877
Ever oral contraceptive use (%)69
Ever hormone replacement therapy use (%)45
Abstainer of alcohol (%)122
Current smoker (%)22
Daily coffee consumption (cups) (%)1
First-degree relative with breast cancer (%)1913
First- or second-degree relative with breast cancer (%)3316
  • Abbreviation: IQR, interquartile range.

  • * Among parous women only.