Table 3.

Determinants of urinary FB1 in the multiple regression model

CharacteristicsRegression model for urinary FB1 level
Coefficient (95% confidence interval)P
Age (y)−0.085 (-0.147 to -0.0235)0.008
Education (y)0.014 (-0.086 to 0.113)0.788
Place of residence*
    Suburban vs urban0.664 (0.039-1.289)0.038
Maize consumption
    Medium0.648 (-0.083 to 1.378)0.081
    High1.257 (0.429-2.085)0.003
  • * Urban is Cuernavaca and suburban includes Emiliano Zapata, Puente de Ixtla, and Cuautla.

  • Based on tortilla intake; the “low intake” group was taken as the reference group to be compared with the “medium intake” and “high intake” groups.