Table 1.

Percentage distributions of selected survey respondent characteristics by method of data collection

Sex, female (%)43.657.50.04
Age, mean (SE)64.7 (1.2)63.7 (0.9)0.52
Race, White, non-Hispanic (%)93.993.70.97
Education, at least some post secondary education (%)55.969.10.03
Employment status, not full time (%)56.359.30.66
Marital status, currently married (%)72.963.30.12
Health status, excellent/very good (%)
  • NOTE: All analyses are weighted. Source: University of Minnesota Health Issues in Minnesota Survey, 2005.

  • * P values from Rao-Scott χ2 test, unless otherwise noted.

  • From weighted linear regression model with age as the dependent variable and mode as the independent variable. P value for the effect of mode.