Table 2.

Coefficients from linear regression models of log10-transformed CBT in 103 subjects

ModelsβSE (β)P
Model I
Model II
    PCB153/PCB105−0.00040. 00040.39
    Age (y)0.0010.0030.65
    BMI (kg/m2)−0.0090.0070.24
    Males (vs females)0.160.0760.035
    Current smoking (packs/d)0.280.0770.002
    Alcohol consumption (no. alcohol drinks/d)−0.00040.0040.92
    Amount of regular coffee in past year (cups/wk)0.0030.0030.25
  • NOTE: Two separate models were run using PCB153/PCB118 (model I) and PCB153/PCB105 (model II) as independent variables. Covariate coefficients from model I (shown) were similar to those in the model II.