Table 1.

Characteristics of subjects in the present study and the Ayotte et al. study (5)

Present studyAyotte study
Sample size (n)10340*
Median PCB concentration (pg/g lipid)
    15346 (258 pg/g wet weight)766
    1188 (55 pg/g wet weight)145
    1051 (<LOD)32
PCB congener ratios
    153/1184.7 (0.3-127.8)NR
    153/10543.0 (2.0-430.8)NR
Median and range of CBT level (% of dose)1.6 (0.1-6.1) per hour5.3 (1.9-9.6) per 2 h
RaceNative AmericansCaucasians
Gender (male, %)6160
Mean age (y)2847
Mean BMI (kg/m2)2627
Current smoking (%)4243
Current alcohol consumption (%)55NR
Current caffeine consumption (%)66NR
  • NOTE: Numbers in parentheses are ranges.

    Abbreviations: LOD, limit of detection; NR, not reported; BMI, body mass index.

  • * Only 20 subjects with CBT data were included in Spearman correlation analysis.

  • n = 46 (with lipid-adjusted concentration).

  • Unadjusted concentrations in 103 subjects.