Table 1.

Characteristics of men ages 40 to 79 years who had not had prostate cancer in the 2005 NHIS by age group (n = 7,669)

VariableAge 40-49 y (n = 2,777)
Age 50-79 y (n = 4,892)
    Age (y)
    Race or ethnicity
        Non-Hispanic White2,77773.54,89279.0
        Non-Hispanic Black10.19.1
        Non-Hispanic other4.34.1
    Length of U.S. residence (y)
        ≥10 but not born in U.S.13.010.9
        Born in U.S.84.387.6
Socioeconomic variables
        Less than high school2,76112.94,82615.7
        High school graduate31.229.1
        Some college26.524.6
        College graduate29.530.6
        Missing, refused, or “don't know”30.454.2
    Poverty threshold (%)
    Marital status
        Married or living with a partner2,76174.74,86077.8
        Divorced or separated13.712.6
        Never married11.65.8
Healthcare access issues
    Health insurance
        Private or military76.277.0
    Have a usual source of medical care
    Seen physician or healthcare provider in past year
Health status
    Reported health status
        Very good34.529.6
        Fair or poor9.518.8
    Family history of prostate cancer
    No. chronic diseases
    Ever told had cancer
  • * Numbers might not add up to the totals in the table due to “don't know,” refused, or missing responses.

  • % Population estimates adjusted for the NHIS sampling design. Totals might not add to 100% because of rounding.

  • For men ages 40 to 49 y, this category includes widowers.