Table 2.

Selected characteristics of women with breast cancer in the CWLS by total postdiagnosis recreational physical activity category

CharacteristicsTotal recreational physical activity after diagnosis (MET-h/wk)
≤2.7 (n = 1,105)2.8-7.9 (n = 1,072)8.0-20.9 (n = 1,184)≥21.0 (n = 1,121)
Characteristics at diagnosis*
    Mean age at diagnosis (y)61.758.757.356.4
    Ethnicity (% Caucasian)98.699.098.798.3
    Breast cancer stage at diagnosis (%)
    First-degree family history of breast cancer (%)
    Education, ≥12 y (%)
Characteristics at follow-up
    Postmenopausal (%)
    BMI (kg/m2), mean28.727.526.525.7
    Smoking history (% current)12.910.57.09.2
    Alcohol (drinks daily), mean0.
    Energy intake (kcal/d), mean1,6461,7111,7391,760
    Hormone therapy (% current)
  • * Data obtained in parent case-control studies.

  • Data obtained in CWLS questionnaire.

  • Year before enrollment in CWLS.