Table 1.

Selected characteristics by quintiles of red meat intake

CharacteristicQuintile of red meat intake
Participants (n)4,5514,6074,7424,5094,671
Prostate cases (n)158159133113105
Mean age (y)52.448.847.547.145.6
State of residence (%)
    North Carolina46.433.732.724.319.8
Family history of prostate cancer (%)
Race (%)
Body mass index, kg/m2 (%)
Education (%)
    High school/ general educational development or less50.552.353.654.256.0
    More than high school44.142.941.841.940.0
Smoking status (%)
Current alcohol intake (%)
    <1 Drink/mo15.415.414.715.414.5
    1-4 Drinks/mo23.929.
    2-4 Drinks/wk10.213.815.015.318.0
    Almost daily3.
Leisure time physical activity, h/wk (%)
Aspirin use (%)
Supplemental vitamin E (%)
  • NOTE: All values (except age) are adjusted for age. Percent may not sum to 100 due to rounding and/or missing values.

  • * Other includes Asian or Pacific Islander, American Indian or Alaskan Native, and other.