Table 1.

Patients demographics, tumor location, tumor staging, and outcome

PatientAge (y)RaceGenderTumor locationTNM tumor stagingOutcome
Patient 154CaucasianMTongueT1N0M0NED, 30 mo
Patient 270HispanicMMaxillary gingivaT4N2cM0Died from neck metastasis at 6 mo
Patient 370AsianMTongueT1N0M0Died from neck metastasis at 15 mo
Patient 455AsianMTongueT1N1M0NED, 20 mo
Patient 535CaucasianMTongueT1N2bM0NED, 12 mo
Patient 681CaucasianFTongueT1N0M0NED, 17 mo
Patient 751CaucasianMTongueT1N0M0NED, 12 mo
Patient 862CaucasianMTongueT1N0M0NED, 15 mo
Patient 959CaucasianMTongueT1N0M0NED, 12 mo
Patient 1079CaucasianMMandibleT4aN1M0NED, 13 mo
Patient 1161CaucasianMFloor of mouthT1N0M0NED, 13 mo
Patient 1269CaucasianMTongueT2N0M0NED, 12 mo
Patient 1345AsianFTongueT3N0M0NED, 10 mo
  • Abbreviations: TNM, tumor-node-metastasis; NED, no evidence of disease.