Table 4.

Correlations between mammographic density (%) and selected covariates among B4BCP study participants (232 postmenopausal women)

Bivariate correlation
Partial correlation*
Pearson correlationSig. (two tailed)Pearson correlationSig. (two tailed)
Full-term pregnancies−0.100.13−0.090.21
Age at first birth0.21<
Age at menarche−0.010.93−0.040.57
Age at natural menopause§−0.060.43−0.030.73
Age at surgical menopause0.020.92−0.070.59
Duration of CHT (y)−0.160.19−0.140.26
Duration of unopposed estrogen therapy (y)**−0.010.950.010.95
  • * Partial correlations adjusted for age and BMI. Partial correlation for age is adjusted for BMI, and partial correlation for BMI is adjusted for age.

  • Among parous only; n = 197.

  • Three missing or unknown; n = 229.

  • § Among participants with natural menopause; n = 184.

  • Among participants with surgical menopause; n = 48.

  • Among participants ever using combined hormone replacement therapy and able to report duration of use; n = 71.

  • ** Among participants ever using unopposed estrogen therapy, and able to report duration of use; n = 55.