Table 2.

Mean plasma concentrations of enterolactone (nmol/L) at baseline according to participant characteristics among the controls (n = 733) in a subsample from the MDC cohort

Participant characteristicsNo. of subjectsMean95% CIP*
Age (y)0.23
Season of blood collection0.19
Educational status<0.001
    Primary and secondary22620.017.8-22.2
    Upper secondary4619.915.1-24.7
    Further education without a degree4620.515.7-25.2
    University degree10626.623.4-29.8
Smoking status<0.001
    Current smokers20016.213.9-18.5
Alcohol consumption0.007
    Zero consumers5514.910.5-19.3
    <15 g/d56120.018.6-21.3
    15-30 g/d10022.919.7-26.2
    >30 g/d1613.55.4-21.6
BMI (kg/m2)0.001
Leisure-time physical activity0.005
    Quartile 118316.714.3-19.1
    Quartile 218220.117.7-22.5
    Quartile 316822.920.4-25.4
    Quartile 419719.917.6-22.2
Household activities (h/wk)0.93
Current use of menopausal hormone therapy0.91
Current use of antibiotics0.79
  • * Test of differences in means (loge transformed) using the general linear model, adjusted for age and date of blood collection.

  • Indicates statistically significant differences in means at the 0.05 level using Tukey's multiple comparison test within each variable.