Table 1.

Beliefs about the appropriateness of referral decision among physicians who reported non-guideline recommended referral decisions for Terry (n = 260)

ItemMean (SD)
Beliefs about Terry's level of risk*
    Terry's level of breast cancer risk4.2 (1.1)
    Likelihood Terry has genetic mutation2.8 (1.4)
Beliefs about referral decision
    Best clinical decision4.8 (1.4)
    Optimal use of genetic services4.5 (1.5)
Factors important in the referral decision
    Terry's level of emotional distress5.5 (1.2)
    Her sister's age at diagnosis of breast cancer5.1 (1.5)
    Her having daughters4.7 (1.5)
    Terry's age4.3 (1.6)
    Her mammography results from last year3.8 (1.8)
    What she told you about her insurance status3.4 (1.9)
    Her race3.2 (1.7)
    Her aunt's age at diagnosis of lung cancer2.9 (1.7)
    That she is not Ashkenazi Jewish2.9 (1.7)
  • NOTE: Numbers are missing on some items.

  • * Seven-point scale: 1, very low; 7, very high.

  • Seven-point scale: 1, not at all sure; 7, extremely sure.

  • Seven-point scale: 1, not at all important; 7, extremely important.