Table 1.

Distributions of selected covariates by sex, case-control status, and province

ON (n = 871), %NL (n = 421), %ON (n = 1,040), %NL (n = 425), %ON (n = 1,132), %NL (n = 272), %ON (n = 910), %NL (n = 293), %
Age (y)
University graduate288291518102115
Household income ≥$30,000, 2 y ago5148535847385247
Currently married or living as married8683868469686775
Ever endoscopy screened for CRC77141378814
Hypercholesterolemia/triglyceridemia requiring medication1518212512181423
Regular NSAID use4141514442334646
Regular bulk-forming laxative use157832012138
Regular multivitamin use3117351744234127
Regular calcium use9614844254840
Ever pregnant87898990
Peri- or post-menopausal81938487
Ever use of hormonal contraceptives§52425755
Ever use of any form of postmenopausal hormones35264438
Fruit >14 servings/wk, 2 y ago1310121025152424
Vegetables >14 servings/wk, 2 y ago1617151336223630
Red meat >5 servings/wk, 2 y ago2818221621171817
Average weekly recreational activity during 20s ≤3 MET-h2532273033433637
Average alcoholic drinks during 20s >7/wk423836426273
  • Abbreviations: ON, Ontario; NL, Newfoundland; CRC, colorectal cancer; MET, metabolic equivalent; NSAID, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

  • * P value of χ2 test between provincial control groups.

  • Physician diagnosed.

  • At least twice a week for longer than 1 mo.

  • § For 1 y or longer.

  • Did not smoke at least one cigarette a day for 3 mo or longer.