Table 4.

Multivariate ORs with 95% CIs for the association between current cigarette smoking and risk of classic HL by tumor EBV status in a comparison with population controls

EBV-positive lymphoma
EBV-negative lymphoma
OR (95% CI)OR (95% CI)EBV-positive versus -negative
Overall2.36 (1.51-3.71)1.43 (1.05-1.97)0.04
    Men3.00 (1.66-5.44)1.49 (0.94-2.37)0.05
    Women1.70 (0.83-3.48)1.35 (0.88-2.09)0.46
Age (y)
    <451.94 (1.05-3.62)1.22 (0.81-1.81)0.22
    ≥453.23 (1.63-6.38)2.01 (1.18-3.44)0.11
    Nodular sclerosis2.24 (1.24-4.07)1.32 (0.93-1.87)0.08
    Mixed cellularity3.08 (1.41-6.70)1.59 (0.72-3.52)0.30
  • NOTE: All analyses are adjusted for matching variables [age (in 10-y categories), sex, and country], number of younger and older siblings, history of infectious mononucleosis, mother's age at subject's birth, country-specific measure of mother's education, subject's education, and familial history of hematopoietic cancer.