Table 3.

Multivariate logistic regression model for screening behavior at 6 mo posteducation among Korean women aged 19 y and older who enrolled in the study between August and October 2004

VariableOR (95% CI)P
Step 1
    Marital status0.78 (0.17-3.49)0.74
    Have regular provider1.43 (0.19-10.64)0.73
    Have health insurance9.53 (1.30-69.66)0.03
Step 2
    Intervention group38.47 (7.04-210.26)<0.001
Step 3
    Relief from worry about cervical cancer0.92 (0.45-1.89)0.82
    Not know where to go to get a Pap test0.87 (0.38-1.98)0.74
    Uncomfortable with having a stranger perform Pap0.24 (0.07-0.79)0.02
    Am capable of arranging to have a Pap test1.47 (0.64-3.38)0.36
    Am confident about my ability to get a Pap test2.49 (1.01-6.09)0.05
    Will do whatever it takes to get a Pap test1.67 (0.64-4.32)0.29