Table 4.

Main effects for MDR1 diplotypes and indoor insecticide exposure and risk of childhood ALL

Cases (n = 294)Controls (n = 369)OR (95% CI)*
MDR1 diplotype
    Hap 1 (CGC)
        Other/other111 (37.8)125 (33.9)1.00 (Reference)
        ≥One copy183 (62.3)244 (66.1)0.88 (0.63-1.21)
    Hap 4 (TTT)
        Other/other108 (36.7)138 (37.4)1.00 (Reference)
        ≥One copy186 (63.2)231 (62.6)1.03 (0.74-1.44)
    Indoor insecticide exposure
        No54 (18.4)92 (24.9)1.00 (Reference)
        Yes240 (81.6)277 (75.1)1.65 (1.10-2.47)
  • * ORs and 95% CIs were calculated using conditional logistic regression (matching factors: date of birth, sex, Hispanic status, and maternal race). The analysis of indoor insecticide exposure was additionally adjusted for household income.

  • The order of the MDR1 SNP loci in the haplotypes is C1236T, G2677T/A, and C3435T.

  • Indoor insecticide exposure anytime from 1 y before child's birth through the first 3 y of life. Exposure(s) occurring within the year before diagnosis for cases and corresponding date for controls was discarded for the analyses.