Table 1.

Tobacco document web sites

Web site and features
Legacy Tobacco Documents Library:
    The Legacy Tobacco Documents Library includes documents posted on tobacco industry web sites as of July 1999 in accordance with the Master Settlement Agreement, additional documents added to those sites since that date, and the Mangini and Brown & Williamson document collections from the Tobacco Control Archives maintained by the University of California, San Francisco. New documents are added to the Legacy Tobacco Documents Library monthly as they are collected from industry web sites. Legacy Tobacco Documents Library recently added optical character recognition and searchable pdf files to facilitate document searching. The web site also provides easy to download pdf images and a way to collect multiple documents into a separate file for later reference.
Tobacco Documents Online:
    Tobacco Documents Online includes documents posted on tobacco industry web sites as of July 1999. The Tobacco Documents Online spent over a year standardizing the document descriptions to allow uniform searching. The Tobacco Documents Online offers powerful searching across all the company web sites, access to high-quality images, optical character recognition, and the ability to collect and annotate documents. The search tools have been built for document researchers and are available to anyone with a web browser. Other special features of this web site are topic-related document collections (i.e., youth marketing, cigarette ingredients, and witness testimony), profiles on names, organizations, etc. to facilitate searching and cigarette advertising archives.