Table 1.

Weighted sample characteristics and variable distributions, HINTS 2003

N = 6,369, unless otherwise notedPercentage
Sociodemographic characteristics
    Female gender51.9
    Race/ethnicity (nonmissing n = 6,068)
        Non-Hispanic White71.8
        Non-Hispanic African American10.5
        Hispanic, English speaking5.8
        Hispanic, non-English speaking5.9
        Other race/ethnicity6.0
        Income not reported12.3
        <$25,000 per year25.5
        $25,000 to $49,99927.0
        $50,000 to $74,99915.3
    Education (nonmissing n = 6,139)
        Less than high school degree or equivalent16.9
        Completed high school32.0
        Some college or technical school26.8
        Completed college24.3
    Employed (nonmissing n = 6,133)59.8
    Married or living as married (nonmissing n = 6,136)63.6
    Has health insurance (nonmissing n = 6,152)85.4
    Family member has had cancer (nonmissing n = 6,319)61.9
Fatalistic beliefs about cancer prevention (% agree or strongly agree)
    It seems like almost everything causes cancer (n = 6,345)47.1
    There's not much a person can do to lower their chances of getting cancer (n = 6,346)27.0
    There are so many recommendations about preventing cancer, it's hard to know which ones to follow (n = 6,351)71.5
Prevention behaviors (% who engage in the behavior)
    Exercise weekly (work up a sweat; n = 6,154)54.4
    Nonsmoker (n = 6,213)77.8
    Eat five servings of fruits/vegetables a day (n = 6,120)13.5
  • NOTE: Cells contain weighted percentages, excluding cases with missing values.