Table 2.

OR (95% CI) of overall prostate cancer by thirds of serum IGF-I and IGFBP-3 concentrations in EPIC

PeptideNo. cases/controlsOR (95% CI)
    Medium248/2081.54 (1.16-2.06)
    High213/2101.35 (0.99-1.82)
Residuals of IGF-I after adjusting for IGFBP-3
    Medium248/2081.29 (0.96-1.73)
    High213/2101.39 (1.02-1.89)
    Medium211/2101.12 (0.85-1.48)
    High226/2081.22 (0.92-1.64)
Residuals of IGFBP-3 after adjusting for IGF-I
    Medium211/2101.01 (0.76-1.35)
    High208/2081.01 (0.74-1.37)
  • NOTE: Tertile cutpoints are 17.8 and 26.1 nmol/L for IGF-I and 119.5 and 141.7 nmol/L for IGFBP-3.

  • * Ptrend based on the continuous (log transformed) variable.