Table 2.

Haseman-Elston regression linkage analysis of 9q22.2-31.2 in 53 kindreds with colon cancer and colon adenomatous polyps

Haseman-Elston regression under the following conditions
Marker(a) Original estimates*
(b) Including TBFBR1 genotypes
(c) Including TGFBR1*6A alleles (0, 1, 2, 3, or 4) as a pair-specific covariate at D9S1786
βSE§PβSEPβ for D9S1786SEPβ for the covariateSEP
  • NOTE: (a) original multipoint identical by descent estimates without the TGFBR1*6A and TGFBR1*9A genotypes. (b) multipoint identical by descent estimates with the TGFBR1*6A and TGFBR1*9A genotypes. (c) regression analysis including TGFBR1*6A alleles as a covariate.

  • Abbreviation: NA, not available.

  • * Analysis included the 17 polymorphic markers used in the original linkage study of this region to estimate the Haseman-Elston regression coefficient β.

  • Analysis using the original 17 polymorphic and the TBFBR1*6A and 9A genotypes to estimate β (7).

  • The Haseman-Elston regression coefficient β estimates the amount of trait variation due to a gene at this location. The covariate regression coefficient β in (c) estimates the effect of the number of TBFBR1*6A alleles from 0 to 4 that are carried by a pair of sibs on being affected.

  • § SE associated with the estimate of β.

  • The allele sharing for TGFBR1 is interpolated based upon the allele sharing at the 17 polymorphic markers but does not actually use the TGFBR1genotypes in the original estimates.