Table 3.

Sensitivity analyses of selected variables with ICERs calculated to compare strategies

Primary vs noneSecondary vs nonePrimary vs secondary
Survival for early gastric cancer per year, %
    97.9, base17.0K29.7KDominant
Acquisition and reinfection of H. pylori per year, %
    1, base17.0K29.7KDominant
    2.2, threshold29.6K28.3K28.3K
Attendance rate for prevention program, %
    60, base16.0K31.4KDominant
Sensitivity of pepsinogen method for gastritis stages to AG, %
    70.5, base17.0K29.7KDominant
Attendance for endoscopy, %
    74, base17.0K29.7KDominant
Proportion of early gastric cancer detected on endoscopy, %
    30, base17.0K29.7KDominant
    50, threshold17.0K17.0K20.3K
Costs of endoscopy with biopsy, U.S. $
    11, threshold17.0K16.9K17.3K
    68.8, base17.0K29.7KDominant
Discount rate, %
    3, base17.0K29.7KDominant
  • NOTE: K = ×1,000.

  • * Reference strategy was dominant.

  • Dominant = more effective and less costly than reference strategy.

  • Threshold = the value of variable giving a similar ICER among strategies.