Table 6.

Multivariable associations between recreational physical activity variables and breast density variables, benign controls (n = 224)

Recreational physical activity variableAdjusted for age
Adjusted for age and BMI
Fully adjusted model*
Dense area
    Cumulative exercise, MET-h/wk−0.120.38−0.0990.45−0.0970.45
    Mild exercise, h/wk−2.230.10−2.200.11−1.370.31
    Moderate or strenuous exercise, h/wk−0.810.48−0.670.56−0.600.59
Non-dense area
    Cumulative exercise, MET-h/wk−0.680.02−0.200.39−0.180.44
    Mild exercise, h/wk−4.680.14−2.400.32−2.780.25
    Moderate or strenuous exercise, h/wk−
Total breast area
    Cumulative exercise, MET-h/wk−0.800.01−0.300.23−0.210.40
    Mild exercise, h/wk−6.920.04−4.600.08−4.400.08
    Moderate or strenuous exercise, h/wk−3.930.150.450.840.740.73
% Density
    Cumulative exercise, MET-h/wk0.0760.37−0.0170.82−0.0220.77
    Mild exercise, h/wk0.610.490.120.880.310.69
    Moderate or strenuous exercise, h/wk0.0390.96−0.810.22−0.890.16
  • NOTE: Estimated coefficients are for a 1-unit increase in the continuous recreational physical activity variable (MET-h/wk). P from t test of coefficients.

  • * Variables and n included in fully adjusted model differed for each density outcome. Dense area: age, BMI, hormone therapy use, age at menarche, age at menopause, history of breast-feeding, number of breast biopsies, interval between mammogram and questionnaire (n = 215). Non-dense area: age, BMI, number of breast biopsies, quality of film (n = 222). Total breast area: age, BMI, history of breast-feeding, quality of film (n = 223). % Density: age, BMI, HT use, age at menopause, number of breast biopsies (n = 217).