Table 1.

Self-reported health care utilization by HCT survivors—definition of outcome measures

Outcome measuresQuestionResponse optionsAbsence of utilization
General contact with the health care systemDuring the last 2 y, which of the following health care providers (excluding dentists) did you see or talk to for medical contact?PhysicianNo medical contact: if no to all responses
Physical therapist
GPESome people get a physical examination from a doctor once in a while although they are feeling well and have not been sick. When was the last time you had a GPE when you were not sick?NeverNo GPE: if never or had a GPE >3 y ago
Less than 1 y ago
1-2 y ago
3-4 y ago
≥5 y ago
Cancer/HCT–related visitAs you know, you were asked to participate in this study because you were once diagnosed with a cancer, leukemia, tumor, or similar illness and underwent bone marrow transplantation (BMT). How many of the visits to the physician were related to this previous illness or BMT?0 timeNo cancer/HCT–related visit: if none of the visits related to previous illness or HCT or did not receive health care at cancer center
1-2 times
3-4 times
5-6 times
7-10 times
11-20 times
>20 times
Where did you receive your health care?Oncology (cancer) center or clinic